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    Why the media released rabbi’s tapes? Take a guess!


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    Why the media released rabbi’s tapes? Take a guess!

    Post  Admin on Thu Oct 01, 2009 11:39 am

    I personally believe that the media released MJ private tapes to make sure that ppl pay attention to NOT important subject, which is MJ death’ investigation. It is a part of speculations again in public relations field. Please, keep in mind, folks. Suspect


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    Re: Why the media released rabbi’s tapes? Take a guess!

    Post  lotusflower on Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:43 pm

    I hope no one buy this rabbi's book.

    There is no way Michael wanted these tapes released to the public. They are around 9 years old and if Michael wanted the tapes released they would have been released when he was alive. This man is yet another media whore, in cahoots with the media to turn homicide into suicide. The truth is leaking out, so this is just distraction from it.

    This rabbi also stole $100. 000 from Heal the Kids Foundation, which led to its collapse. Michael said his whole reason for living was to make a better world for chldren. I can't imagine how he must have felt, to have been betrayed by this man. A year after this, the Martin Bashir documentary, and then the allegations, the entire thing was orchestrated to destroy MJ career and to create a finacial situation to force him to sell his sony/atv cateologue, which Thomas Mesereux had valued at $5 billion. The media stories on him being broke are untrue, but a syndicate of powerful people involved in this.

    Also this Rabbi tries to make out MJ thought he was the messiah,just because he believed in healing techniques, MJ helped heal lots of children with visualistion techniques ie making the good cells kill the bad ones gavin ariviso, had 4th stage cancer which is advanced cancer that it is very rare to recover from, he recovered due to MJ paying his medical treatment and showing him these techniques. MJ said himself he never saw it fail, he probably did have healing abilities,my partner has them too, so what, why the dirty words on Michael

    I just wish this sick evil world would leave MJ alone. It really makes me want to cry to think of what this man was put through,when all he wanted to do was help others.

    This is what another Rabbi says about this corrupt media Rabbi to the stars

    Michael Jackson's 'rabbi'

    As a rabbi of over 30 years experience, I was both appalled and disappointed in the story by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach concerning his friendship with and impressions of Michael Jackson. In so many ways, Rabbi Boteach crossed over the line of propriety and professional ethics.
    Rabbis along with other clergy, along with the practitioners of all the helping professions, are bound by definite rules of confidentiality. It is precisely this rule which enables us to assist people who depend upon us to preserve the sacred bond of trust. What we discuss or experience with people who seek our assistance are meant to be kept absolutely private.

    There are no exceptions. In fact, physicians and lawyers who violate this trust lose their licenses to practice should their breach of confidence be discovered. Even when those that we have counseled or befriended are no longer living, the same rule applies.

    It is only because of this assurance of total confidence that people feel they can be open with us. All of us in these professions also understand that there is no real difference between professional and personal connections. The things we learn or observe in our personal relations are just as sacrosanct.

    I have had numerous experiences with well known people but I have never spoken and certainly would never write about these experiences for two reasons. First, it would violate the trust of these individuals who believed they could be open and candid with me. Second, it would severely curtail my ability to be of help to others since they would feel that I was not trustworthy.

    When Rabbi Boteach spoke publicly and also wrote about his experiences with Michael Jackson, he did serious harm to all rabbis and other clergy as well. No doubt Rabbi Boteach felt he was advancing his own career and public profile as the "rabbi to the stars."

    Perhaps he has, but at the expense of his own trustworthiness and also that of other rabbis. I also must wonder what kind of friend he really was for him now to exploit Mr. Jackson's tragic death with grandstanding.

    Rabbi Boteach should have given more thought to the serious damage he was doing. As he must know, he also violated several of the sacred principles of our Jewish religion which specifically prohibit tale-bearing (even when the tales may be true), gossip, and "lashon ha-ra" (meaning evil speech).

    Rabbi Michael Sternfield, Chicago Sinai Congregation



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    Re: Why the media released rabbi’s tapes? Take a guess!

    Post  Moonwalkman on Sat Oct 24, 2009 7:47 am

    I know I definitely won't and agree.

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    Re: Why the media released rabbi’s tapes? Take a guess!

    Post  Admin on Sat Oct 24, 2009 7:51 pm

    Moonwalkman wrote:I know I definitely won't and agree.

    Rabbi is a terrible guy, but I got this book for myself because:
    1. Some dialogues have high value for me
    2. Rabbi said that all money will go some kids organizations as a charity. If not, it means for me that Rabbi was lying in front of eyes of God and it will be another his sin, not mine.
    This is how I deal with things like that. Also, my advice if you feel you are not able to ignore weird rabbi’s comments and they will affect you on a bad way DO NOT BUY this book.

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    Re: Why the media released rabbi’s tapes? Take a guess!

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