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    Fans testimony


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    Fans testimony

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    Talin's testimony

    Dear fans,

    I live in LA and was consistently around Michael during his stay here in the last 8 months of his life. On days that I was not present, other “followers” were always around, so please take our testimonies seriously since collectively we saw Michael everyday and collectively our concerns were the same.
    In my opinion, there are only two theories about Michael’s death:

    1) Michael was being controlled, under pressure, being overworked, and his needs were being neglected. In addition to this, he was intentionally murdered and those responsible for this are more than just Dr. Murray.

    2) Michael was being controlled, under pressure, being overworked, and his needs were being neglected. He was accidentally murdered by Dr. Murray.

    The first part of both theories is FACT and while others may convince themselves that he was “fine”, I cannot lie to myself and ignore what I personally experienced in the last weeks of his life.
    It’s very clear that Michael initially decided on these shows for financial reasons, though once the concerts were announced I noticed him excited about the whole record breaking project. In the first couple of months of rehearsals he seemed happy with things, asked us if we were surprised by the press conference and would ask us about songs we wanted to hear. But in the last 3 or 4 weeks things gradually turned downhill, the excitement was not always there, and after a while we finally realized something was wrong.

    Here are my FACTS:

    On May 29th, the last day of rehearsals at Center Staging, a few of us went inside the studio and talked to Michael. It was actually he who wanted to talk to us. He first apologized about the seating arrangements for the concerts then expressed “the seating and the dates were done without my consent”. He said he was doing these shows for us and wanted to do it the way we wanted him to. He seemed unhappy about the way things were going and at some point his voice cracked like he was going to cry. He said that he’s only one person and only has so much energy…… Later that night we met him at a different location where we took pictures with him. Michael was half sitting inside the car and I was kind of leaning on him. I put my hand on his leg to push myself up and all I felt was bone. No, not like he was just skinny, more like he was nothing but a skeleton. It REALLY alarmed me and that’s when I first thought something was wrong. My personal letters to him from then on voiced concerns, not telling him anything specific but just asking him to think of his health and happiness first. Prior to this I had wondered when he would start putting weight on like he had during previous tours, but since he usually wore layers of oversized clothes, it was hard to tell just how think he was. Still with these facts to worry about, this is when his hair went curly, preparations were moving along and the concert hype was peaking. So I thought ‘well, maybe I’m overreacting. He has a month, maybe things will get sorted out’. And his first rehearsal at the Forum the following week was promising since we heard him singing so I thought it could all be coming together. I was still concerned but not worried that he was in danger.

    Talin with MJ

    June 12th is when Michael’s security started to act weird and started keeping us away from him by taking extreme measures. Their actions were absolutely unnecessary considering the fact that at any given time there were no more than 10 or 12 of us there and these were people that he knew and trusted as did his security. In the next couple of weeks so many reasons for this ran through my head. 1) As the guards kept saying, he was in “concert mode” and was probably trying to build up the hysteria. 2) He was groggy and didn’t want us to see and notice. 3) Concert promoters had found out that he was confiding in us and complaining to us and somehow this was being leaked to the press and they instructed the guards to make sure we have no contact with him. 4) Maybe he just didn’t want to be bothered and had started to feel unsafe (possible, but strange given the timing and other factors).
    Michael frequently visited Dr. Klein’s office and at times came out of there groggy.
    I always wondered why he was going there but never did I feel I had the right to ask. I assumed it was some kind of skin treatment but it bothered me that he was in there for hours (sometimes as long as 5 hours) and it bothered me that he was being put under. Never did I suspect he was going there to sleep and again, I did not feel like it was my place to ask nor would I have gotten any kind of an answer from anyone.

    June 16th was the last time I saw him outside Dr. Klein’s office (even though I believe he went there once more before his death).
    Among all the fans that were around him that day, we came to the conclusion that he was groggy when he first left the house and he was groggy when he left Dr. Klein’s office. He then went home for a while before going to rehearsal and he was groggy again after rehearsal. That night, 6 of us gathered with different scenarios. This is when we thought something was seriously wrong. We thought that maybe Michael was being drugged against his will to continue with rehearsals and not object. We thought he was being controlled by either AEG or the NOI or both. We started to make accusations about his staff and others involved with the shows and tried to think of what we could do. We knew of someone that was inside the forum but not involved with the concerts. I suggested we ask that person inside how Michael was doing when on stage and one of my friend said “Michael hasn’t been on stage for the past 3 rehearsals” (the past 3 rehearsals being June 11th, 12th, and 16th). The next day I asked Alberto, the head security, how Michael was doing with rehearsals and if he was happy and healthy. Alberto’s response was extremely positive. Of course he was lying since Michael hadn’t been on stage recently so he couldn’t have been doing “great”. Yes, maybe there were days when he was not needed on stage but not this close to opening night and not for 3 consecutive rehearsals.


    June 21st was when I saw Marika’s email about what she had seen and how concerned she was about his weight. Without hesitation we teamed up to get our letters to Michael. Many fans now are blaming us for not including everyone. Please, please keep in mind that not all fans see eye to eye and had we opened this up for discussion, many would have attacked us for over exaggerating and seeking attention. Also keep in mind that this all happened in just a couple of days… On the 22nd there was no rehearsal. The 23rd was his first day at Staple Center and we tried to give the letters but unnecessary security measures made it impossible. On the 24th, by careful planning we were successful but clearly too late. I hand wrote my letter so I don’t have a copy of it to share. It was similar to other letters. Without doubting his abilities, I begged him to take care of himself and do what’s best for him, his family and his health and not to worry about us, the world, or his finances. Hours after we last saw him, he was dead. So for those people that doubt us, or question our intentions, or say that we are exaggerating what we experienced, do you think this was all a coincidence? Do you think the fact that we all panicked, worried, and took action, then had our worst expectation become reality was just chance? While the blame may only be put on Dr. Murray, the REAL cause of Michael Jackson’s death may remain a mystery forever. What IS fact is that Michael was not okay in the last weeks of his life but everyone around him chose to ignore that since they thought the show must go on! Yes, Michael was murdered accidentally or intentionally and by propofol. I’m not saying that His weight or previous drug use played a role in his death. What I’m trying to get across is that AEG is making it seem like he was perfectly fine and healthy up until the point when Dr. Murray overmedicated him, but we saw otherwise. So is AEG hiding more, covering up their tracks, by releasing this perfectly edited documentary? Is someone else behind it all? We may never know the truth but now you all know what I noticed, what we all noticed and tried to act on in the last days of his life.


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