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    Teddy Riley quoted as saying Michael was murdered


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    Teddy Riley quoted as saying Michael was murdered

    Post  lotusflower on Sun Oct 25, 2009 8:47 am,25197,26257469-12377,00.html

    MICHAEL Jackson was murdered and his killer will be caught soon, one of his closest friends in showbusiness says.

    Teddy Riley, co-producer of Jackson's multi-platinum Dangerous album and founding member of R&B band Blackstreet, says he and Jackson's family are confident they know who the pop artist's killer is and that they will be caught soon.

    Blackstreet are in Australia as VIP guests for Wednesday's world premiere of the film about Jackson's life, This Is It.

    Asked if Jackson was murdered, Riley told AAP: "I said that the first day.

    "I called the family and I said listen, 'He was murdered'.

    "Somebody didn't like something he said or something he's doing or didn't want him to go to the top so they had to get rid of him."

    Riley worked extensively with Jackson over the last 18 years and counted himself a close personal friend.

    Blackstreet co-founder Chauncey Hannibal agrees the singer was murdered.

    Jackson's family have accused those close to the singer of murdering him and the Los Angeles County coroner has ruled Jackson's death was a homicide caused primarily by Propofol and another sedative.

    Riley and Hannibal saw Jackson two days before he died on June 26, in rehearsal for his planned comeback sell-out tour in London.

    Riley said Jackson was in "great health" just prior to his death but admitted he did suffer some pain because of his skin.

    Asked who killed the singer, Riley replied: "You're going to find out.

    "We've got so many people we think it could be. It's going to come out.

    "He was doing so great at his rehearsals. I was over at the studio two days before ... two days later he was gone.

    "He was in great health. Only thing that bothered him is he gets in pain. When he works hard, he gets home, he's in pain because of his skin. Other than that he was in great shape."

    Riley said no current artist would ever enjoy the iconic status achieved by Jackson.

    "(His death) has definitely affected us really badly, our whole family, we still think he's here, people think Elvis still lives, well Michael Jackson lives on in a lot of people's hearts."

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    Re: Teddy Riley quoted as saying Michael was murdered

    Post  Admin on Sun Oct 25, 2009 6:26 pm

    We will see. I is hard to believe. Michael once said something that somebody didn’t like. I am not going to go deep into details. I am pretty sure that fans are aware of it.

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    Re: Teddy Riley quoted as saying Michael was murdered

    Post  Moonlight on Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:46 am

    It's not just one person that he's mentioned though is it, there seems to have been a growing list of people he felt were conspiring against him over the years.

    More on this topic also in this thread:

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    Re: Teddy Riley quoted as saying Michael was murdered

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