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    Michael Jackson, Mind Control Victim?


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    Michael Jackson, Mind Control Victim?

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    In another interview, Majestic/k says that before being Jackson’s personal magician, he was Muhammad Ali’s. Supposedly Majestic/k has been affiliated with Jackson since at least 1993. And yet so little is known about him. It’s extremely suspicious. Also extraordinarily weird is that Majestic/k is reportedly part of the reason that Jackson is now using Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam as personal bodyguards. I’ll have to look into this more, but this site says both Majestic and the Nation were brought in by Jermaine Jackson. One of the first tidbits I found about this aspect of the story actually comes from a Saturday Night Live Weekend Update transcript:

    According to Magnificent Majestic, Michael Jackson’s personal magician, the purpose of Michael’s recent meetings with the nation of Islam is to insure that nobody is taking advantage of him financially. So don’t worry everyone - Michael Jackson’s personal magician is ensuring that nobody is taking advantage of him financially.

    At first I just thought Jackson having a personal assistant was hilarious. Now I’m beginning to wonder if there’s not more to it than meets the eye. Let’s examine some more of the facts. First of all, Jackson is currently involved in an extremely public trial over child sex abuse. Jackson has maintained his innocence throughout. Regular readers of sites like Rigorous Intuition ought to be standing up and taking notice at this point. The author of that site, Jeff Wells, frequently delves into far out stories about ritual child abuse, and also blackmailing powerful public figures by forcing them into compromising situations.

    I know it’s a pretty far-out leap for most “normal” people, but could Majestic Magnificent be more than just a “magician” - could he also be some sort of CIA Monarch mind-control handler for Jackson? Is there any possibility that Michael Jackson is actually a victim of or “asset” of some occult-intelligence organization? I personally have a hard time believing that Jackson is a pedophile (check out my archetypal analysis of him and his Peter Pan myth) - although if he had alternate personalities covered by layers of trauma, he might not even know about it himself. Or, conversely he might have figured it out, and trying to overcome it, and reclaim his lost innocence is what drove him into the whole Peter Pan fantasy to begin with. Maybe it’s all an attempt by Jackson to reclaim his inner “Paperboy”. I know I’m a bit of a weirdo, but for some reason, it’s more plausible to me that Jackson is a split-personality mind-control asset gone haywire than just a celebrity freak who likes to fool around with little boys. Maybe that’s just a more “fun” and less creepy explanation though. Who knows.

    Anyway, the question of Jackson’s involvement with the CIA was first raised to me by Garrett. He tracked down a link to the CIA through Jackson’s close personal friend Uri Geller (who I have another story about in a minute). An article on the Scotsman explains a possible Geller-CIA link:

    Ronson began his journey into the US army’️s heart of cerebral darkness in London, where he got a tip from Uri Geller - the psychic famed for bending spoons on TV in the 1970s. “Under Clinton, the nuttiness was at the fringes but the dynamic changed when the Bushes got into power and it felt like the nuttiness was now at the core of things,” Ronson tells me at his Soho club. “So I started asking around and then I heard about remote viewers and psychic spies and, right here on the roof terrace in this building, Uri Geller told me that he’️d been ‘re-activated’️.”

    I ask why the US military might have brought Geller back in from the cold. The simple answer is that Geller once belonged to an unofficial unit of psychic spies, formed in the 1970s to read the future and conduct experiments into the supernatural for the US military. Geller’️s tip led Ronson to Glenn Wheaton, a retired sergeant and former Special Forces psychic spy who confirmed that the military funded this unofficial unit. There was more to the psychics, however, than trying to “remotely access” Soviet weapons plans or predict China’️s next move. They were looking at new forms of warfare, including walking through walls, adopting a cloak of invisibility, even stopping an animal’️s heartbeat by staring at it.

    The guy in this quote, Jon Ronson is the author of the new book, The Men Who Stare At Goats which is making a bit of a splash among fringe counter-cultural groups. Many other sources seem to connect Uri Geller to working for both the CIA, FBI, KGB and Mossad at various points in his career. Even a seemingly official site of his says:

    Mike worked out that Uri would very likely be happy to help out Uncle Sam if Uncle Sam helped out Uri. And another thing; he may not have been representing CIA policy exactly, but Mike was seriously interested in the possibilities of psychic spying, and of Uri doing a little work from the outside looking in at the KGB’s building in Mexico City. All in all, he seems to have concluded, Uri Geller was a useful asset to the CIA. Not only that, but Mike was fascinated by the fact that the Jimmy Carter, who was due to move into the White House in January, appeared to be a fan of the paranormal. Could Geller be used to eat away at those surrounding Carter and help bring about funding for an official paranormal programme at the CIA?

    Interesting factoid: Michael Jackson’s 1995 album HIStory included a song called “Tabloid Junkie” one of the opening lines of which is:

    Speculate to break the one you hate
    Circulate the lie you confiscate
    Assassinate and mutilate
    As the hounding media in hysteria
    Who’️s the next for you to resurrect
    Jfk exposed the cia
    Truth be told the grassy knoll
    As the blackmail story in all your glory

    I know this doesn’t “prove” anything, but it seems noteworthy that Jackson mentions exposing the CIA in a line on a popular record. And shortly thereafter talks about blackmail. The weirdest part is I didn’t even know this before I started writing this post. WHOA! This is even weirder. Apparently also on that album is a song called “D.S.” the opening lyrics of which are:

    They wanna get my ass
    Dead or alive
    You know he really tried to take me
    Down by surprise
    I bet he missioned with the CIA
    He don’t do half what he say

    Don Standdon is a cold man
    Don Standdon is a cold man
    Don Standdon is a cold man
    Don Standdon is a cold man

    There is also a theory circulating online about this song - that it’s actually about a District Attorney from Santa Barbara county named Thomas Sneddon. This article claims that the Don Standdon mentioned above is actually “Dom S. Sheldon” which when sung sounds like “ThomaS Sneddon”. Apparently Sneddon has been trying to build a case against Jackson since the 1990’s. Other lyrics sites online also confirm the “Dom Sheldon” interpretation, and some even say outright “Tom Sneddon.”

    I’m also curious about this later line in the song:

    Does he send letters to the FBI?
    Did he say to either do it or die?

    Was Sneddon trying to blackmail Jackson with the child abuse stuff, and then Jackson didn’t go for it, so Sneddon launched his trap? To me, the picture looks more and more like Jackson began trying to “out” CIA agents in this album. Whether it was real or imagined, it’s an extremely creepy connection worth investigating more. I don’t actually have or know that album much at all. But if anybody could offer a more detailed reading of it with this theory in mind, I’d love to read it. Majestic Magnificent seems to have come on the seen shortly before Jackson released this album. Was he a last ditch effort by the CIA to send somebody in to reign Jackson in again to their control? Maybe that’s a flawed direction of research - especially in light of the information about the Nation of Islam acting as bodyguards for Jackson. Why would Jackson hire basically an ideological para-military force for protection? Who’s he afraid of? This shit just gets deeper and deeper.


    Thanks to some responses to a posting I did about this on the Rigorous Intuition Forum, I tracked down a very very interesting connection. Let me give you a little background information first before we go on. After 9/11, there was a benefit concert somewhere near Washington, which Michael Jackson was invited to play. An LA Times article explains that Jackson was looking for a place to stay during this time period:

    Jackson’s visit came about as a result of a call from “a friend from the White House,” Coe said. The call came from David Kuo, deputy director of the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, who helped put together the United We Stand concert. When Kuo learned that Jackson needed a place to stay, he thought of Cedars. “It’s a private unknown place that offers anonymity in a peaceful environment,” he said. “Part of the whole Fellowship belief is you can help people who are down and out by helping people who are up and out.”

    The place they are referring to is called Cedars. It is the headquarters of a behind-the-scenes Christian Reconstructionist group called the Fellowship, also known as the International Foundation. Wayne Madsen’s article, Christian Mafia Part II has more about the Fellowship and their dealings. But let’s look first at what they say about this place called Cedars. First and foremost we have this absolutely juicy tidbit:

    According to a senior Pentagon official, the Cedars had been used as a CIA safe house prior to the Fellowship’️s purchase of the estate.

    Now, I don’t know how the CIA works, but I do know that expression: “Once a company man, always a company man,” and I suspect the same goes for their locations, though they get shuffled around through various front groups. A simple real life example: a friend of mine used to be a minor player in the Miami club scene some years back. He helped run various venues, and worked behind the scenes as a promoter. He told me stories about what happens to clubs where bad shit goes down - like a shooting or other high profile crime. Everybody gets freaked out and stops going there. So the clubs close down. The real owners go through all the paper-work to sell the club, put it under “new” ownership and management and then re-open it. But it’s all just sleight-of-hand. No real change has been made except in public perception - the only kind of change that actually seems to matter.

    Another article has some interesting information about the Fellowship’s other activities:

    The Fellowship (Getter’️s preferred label for the group) also has brought several notorious, right-wing Latin American generals to Washington for prayer meetings — men connected to the torture of civilians and CIA-linked death squads.

    Well, as long as they’re only praying, right? Whew! What a relief!

    Getter quotes the group’️s long-time leader, Doug Coe, 73, as saying that its mission is to establish a “family of friends” around the world by spreading the word of Jesus to powerful people: “The people that are involved in this association . . . are the worst and the best. Some are total despots. Some are totally religious. You can find what you want to find.”

    And a supporting quote from the LA Times article:

    Coe said the group’s mission is to create a worldwide “family of friends” by spreading the words of Jesus to those in power. He believes that people of every religion–including Muslims, Jews and Hindus–are swayed by Jesus. If he can change leaders’ hearts, he said, then the benefits will flow naturally to the oppressed and underprivileged.

    So, was Michael Jackson’s stay with this group “purely a matter of convenience” or was there more going on here? Just who was that guy who invited Michael to stay there again? The Madsen article explains:

    According to a September 27, 2002 Los Angeles Times article by Lisa Getter, Jackson’️s stay at the Cedars was arranged through David Kuo, George W. Bush’️s White House director of the Office of Faith-based Initiatives. Kuo, a former CIA employee who co-wrote a book with Ralph Reed, had been Executive Director of the Center for Effective Compassion, founded in 1995 by Arianna Huffington and Marvin Olasky. Olasky is a Jewish convert to evangelical Christianity, a major Christian reconstructionist proponent, and an ardent supporter of George W. Bush. Kuo also previously worked for the Christian Coalition and Senator John Ashcroft.

    And there we have it. We started out with magicians and end up with plans by Christians to institute theocracy in America. Just what are Jackson’s religious views, I’m trying to figure out. I’ve heard he’s a Jehovah’s witness, but I also just read he denounced his faith in 1987. Here’s a more elaborate article on whether or not he still is one. I guess I’m just wondering what he’s doing staying with Christian Reconstructionists one day, and cozying up to the Nation of Islam the next. This just gets deeper and deeper

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    Re: Michael Jackson, Mind Control Victim?

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