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    Michael Jackson & The Illuminati (NWO)


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    Re: Michael Jackson & The Illuminati (NWO)

    Post  Admin on Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:39 pm

    I didn't follow the whole your discussion guys, but I strongly believe in secret groups and you can call them illuminati or whatever. I believe that MJ was killed by them and ppl like Uri Geller is only a visible top of iceberg. MJ even had his enemy list and posted it on this forum to make ppl read.
    To see the whole picture how this world is being ruled ppl have to be able to open their minds. Also, this l knowledge never will be obvious for some ppl because this knowledge usually comes from years of research and I have done myself. It doesn't come easy.
    Moonlight, if you deal with us a bit longer you will see more clear from what point of view we look at Michael’s murder. For me it was really clear from the beginning because I see many signs linked to secret groups with power and money . They worship money which is worshiping devil basically. They have their secret rituals and it is like a religion at some point.

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    Re: Michael Jackson & The Illuminati (NWO)

    Post  Admin on Mon Nov 30, 2009 3:14 pm

    I just came across of something. As everybody knows Evan Chandler who killed himself recently was probably a part of illuminati group trying to destroy Michael legacy. Watch this video from 8.53. This person (Evan Chandler) went back to court in 1996 with absurd allegations. He was saying that his History album is too offensive and he wanted to change the name of this album calling it EVANstory. If ppl are aware about NOW those crazy allegations do not look absurd anymore. Obviously HIStory album was something they didn’t want the world to see. SO for NWO it was TOO OFFENSIVE and Michael used so many symbols there as we know. Now I clearly can see that they were after him. They were scared to death because he used symbols opposite way. This is how I see it now.

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    Re: Michael Jackson & The Illuminati (NWO)

    Post  lotusflower on Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:20 pm

    Those videos are very interesting.

    I was gobsmacked when sneddon said they changed the laws in order to get Michael for child molestation so it is clear there were higher powers trying to bring him down.

    I think it was on this one

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    Re: Michael Jackson & The Illuminati (NWO)

    Post  afrika on Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:00 am

    Admin wrote:
    afrika wrote:Rothschilds one said “Give me control of a nation’s money. I care who not makes her laws’’ He's talking about the ''GREAT'' America in here.

    Lotusflower, i agree, he could be one of them. All I know is that he's Brahmin and a racist. He hates low cast Indians, he calls them ''the untouchable’’ I have never liked him and I think he’s a fool and fraud!!

    We know mj’s will is a fake and they destroy the real one. Why would MJ leave all his earn money the people that he didn’t like? I believe they kidnapped Mj , beat him and killed somewhere else. His body was moved and he was already dead. That is why He’s was called, so the pathologists Could not tell the time of death. Do we actually know the time of death?! My guess is no.

    The will is fake I believe it.I do not think they kidnapped him, I think that somebody else was in the house, not just dr. Murray.
    Why would you keep fire places working in the summer time in California? It is alreday has been discussed but I would say once again they wanted to keep MJ body warm and make it look like he died in ambulance.
    Dr. Murray knows a lot but for some reason they didn't arrest him yet.

    Admin, I believe MJ was killed somewhere else. The media are lying, and they will continue to lie. They know MJ was KILLED somewhere else!!!

    Maybe, they made the doctor the fall guy. But on the other hand i strongly believe he was in it.

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    Re: Michael Jackson & The Illuminati (NWO)

    Post  afrika on Tue Dec 01, 2009 2:30 pm

    Admin wrote:Illuminati and freemasons believes is not a religion. MJJC just wants ppl to shut up about illuminati, this is why they found a reason to close this thread. And a reason is stupid :religious tolerance. This is the media game as ususal. MJJC under Frank Delio Control. I believe that AEG fat cats are all belong to one spot. Afrika, you know what I am talking about. You even sent me PM about each person around MJ.

    BoG was right, she knows Illuminati are just a cover up,that is why she's got angry and thier aim is to deceive people. Most of them are Zionists, and their home is in New York. 98% of the world media is owned by Jewish. And most of the actors are Jewish, except Mel Gibson. And we know why they hate him. What does that tell you?

    This has nothing to do with this topic. So I apologize in advance

    The so called leaders are silent about Palestinian issues and does nothing to condemn Zionists killing Palestinians. Seriously the Jewish people didn’t have a country and the US and UK promised them a land after the second war world and the western world reward them Palestine.

    We are just witnessing Zionist killing poor Palestinian and to create their country over there! These people didn’t have country, and now suddenly they have a country called Israel and a flag.

    i heard MJ was going to talk about that issue, not the global warming.

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    Re: Michael Jackson & The Illuminati (NWO)

    Post  Moonlight on Thu Dec 03, 2009 6:49 pm


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    Re: Michael Jackson & The Illuminati (NWO)

    Post  Moonlight on Thu Dec 03, 2009 7:43 pm

    Admin, I'm already aware of the Illuminati theories, so I'm not really sure why you think I'm not clear about where you are coming from with that. I have asked a question in relation to the motivation aspect in the other illuminati thread on here too.

    I agree with some aspects posted in relation to Illuminati though not entirely with everything that's been said both here and elsewhere on the subject, but it's a big topic area to discuss generally speaking in and of itself, let alone any aspects that are relevent to Michael.

    I do recall you using the term business syndicates before eleswhere and thought you may understand the relevance of my discussion with lotusflower above, but I apologise if you didn't or if you feel it took your discussion here away from what you want to discuss here.

    I didn't see the point raised in the videos link to in regard to the Chandler EvanStory claim, but I have heard about that before though. I believe it came about because of the gag orders that went along with the civil suit, which forbade further discussion of the case, as many of the lyrics in songs on the HiStory album were seen to be in reference to the Chandler case from Michael's point of view. That said, Evan Chandler's brother released his book about the case too, without checking I'm not sure which came out first HiStory album or the Chandler book though.

    Yes I agree with you about the specific law change and the implications of that lotusflower.

    That looks like a well made an interest set of videos, I will find time to watch the entire series, thanks for the links.

    afrika, what makes you believe MJ was killed somewhere else, what's given rise to that theory?

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    Re: Michael Jackson & The Illuminati (NWO)

    Post  afrika on Tue Dec 08, 2009 9:42 pm

    Moonlight, I'm not going to lie to you. I don't have a proof to back up my theory.

    But still We do know MJ was killed somewhere else, right? I'm not really sure, if he was kidnapped or not, but it looks that way.

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    Re: Michael Jackson & The Illuminati (NWO)

    Post  lotusflower on Fri Dec 11, 2009 10:03 am

    Loveumore has compiled a document, Sony thru the years that is worth putting here, good work.

    Names and motives exposed in Michael Jackson's death. 12/05/2009
    SONY thru the years
    Let's recap.
    If you've seen this video
    you already know who are the 13 families of The Illuminati and you also know that these
    families have been responsable for fomenting wars all over the world thru the ages and
    that they've been financing both sides of those wars. And that after they've destroyed
    everything, their own companies are doing the rebuilding and provide the goods for those
    countries. Therefore making money from every economic angles. The above mentioned
    video also shows that The Illuminati employs the mafia to do their dirty work as "they"
    sit on boards of charities all over the world. They also own media accross the whole
    Enter Sony
    The name SONY began to appear at Tokio airport after the flood of post-war II recovery
    money, and one of the meanings of those four letters is "STANDARD OIL OF NEW
    YORK". That has always been SONY or SOCONY. (The Standard Oil Company of New
    THE ROCKEFELLERS had arrived to re-finance Japan.
    Let's skip the Akio Morita pre-invasion erra as he was a good guy like Walt Disney and
    Sam Walton of WalMart were great entrepreuners but after their death their bussinesses
    were taken over by Illuminati opportunists.
    Enter Tommy Motola
    Interesting article and comments whether true or not.
    (excerpt pertaining to Sony/ATV catalogue)
    The two men had a falling out after Jackson began to believe that Malnik, who has known Mafia
    ties and was once a close associate of Meyer Lansky, was trying to wrangle Jackson's rights to
    half the Beatles catalog of songs from him, rights that are worth an estimated half billion dollars.
    The source of this information is Gordon Novel, a character of intrigue himself from the
    Kennedy assassination, Watergate, and Waco. Novel worked in the Lyndon Johnson
    administration and spent years working as an investigator for former U.S. Attorney General
    Ramsey Clark. Vanity Fair's Maureen Orth first reported that Novel had met with Jackson in
    2005 in an attempt to get the investigator to find proof that Malnik was part of a conspiracy
    involving Sony's Tommy Mottola and film director Brett Ratner, a Malnik protoge, to take over
    his assets.
    "According to Novel, Jackson said he was lured to Malnik's house in Miami Beach by film
    director Brett Ratner to see a house so beautiful it would make him catatonic," Orth wrote. "He
    said that once he was there, however, Malnik, who Jackson claimed had Mafia ties, wanted to
    put his fingers in the singer's business. Jackson also said he received a call from Tommy Mottola
    while he was there, which aroused his suspicion..."
    I contacted Novel over the weekend, and he confirmed meeting with Jackson at Neverland
    Valley during the time of the 2005 trial. He told me that he was originally contacted by Jackson's
    brother Jermaine and that Michael and the family wanted Novel to gather proof of the
    Malnik/Mottola conspiracy and further find evidence that Mottola was behind the criminal child
    molestation charges. The ultimate goal was to blow the trial out of the water so Jackson wouldn't
    have to face prison time.
    "The whole thing centered on Tommy Mottola setting him up," Novel told me. "Mottola and him
    were at odds, and Jackson's information was that Mottola and Malnik got together to fuck him.
    He said he believed Malnik was representing the Mob."
    It's clear that whether Malnik had any ulterior motives in befriending Jackson, the pop star ended
    up believing he was an enemy out to get his Beatles songs. We'll have to wait and see if the
    world media continues to eat out of Malnik's hand or if it actually reports the truth about the
    relationship and its bitter end.
    (Notice how a commenter try to discredit Novel saying he's a conspiracy theorist)
    And from
    "Do you know this guy has a Mafia background?" a senior Sony executive quotes the
    CBS man as saying. "What are you doing tainting this wonderful company you just
    bought from us with a guy who has a background that would make the F.B.I. cringe?"
    Rattled, Sony contacted F.B.I. director William Sessions, requesting a quiet background
    check. The response was a qualified O.K. "The F.B.I. said, 'No, this guy is not somebody
    who will start dealing with people we should worry about, but he has friends who do,'"
    says a former senior executive at Sony.
    Martin Bandier replaces Mottola
    Member of UJA/UJC merged with The Jewish Federations of America
    NWO agenda as they appoint Leonid Nevlin (wanted for murder in Russia??) as
    international chair
    (Read more about Marty Bandier below)
    Top 100:
    Vanity Fair's List of
    `The New Establishment' (very interesting list)
    It’️s a list of "the world’️s most powerful people," 100 of the bankers and media
    moguls, publishers and image makers who shape the lives of billions. It’️s an
    exclusive, insular club, one whose influence stretches around the globe but is
    concentrated strategically in the highest corridors of power.
    #17. Howard Stringer, chief executive of the Sony
    CFR member
    also Sir Howard Stringer Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor
    (Chairman of the Knights' Council)
    (I couldn't find anything linking them to Illuminati)
    Robert S. Wiesenthal
    Can't find much on this guy but he certainly made some well connected mergers.
    Robert S. Wiesenthal is Group Executive, Sony Corporation, leading Corporate
    Development and Mergers and Acquisitions at Sony headquarters
    During his tenure in the Media Group, notable transactions on which he advised included
    Seagram’️s $5.7 billion acquisition of MCA Inc., Liberty Media’️s merger with
    TCI, News Corp’️s $3.2 billion purchase of New World Communications and Sony
    Pictures Entertainment Inc.’️s acquisition of Telemundo,
    Plenty of reasons to believe Sony had a hand into Michael death but unfortunately, no
    (excerpts pertaining to Sony)
    MJJC mischief says
    Originally Posted by myfavouritewintercoat
    The same Marty Bandier who once bid for the Beatles catalog when he had a company
    called 'Entertainment Co.' check it out on this link about the history of Michael and the catalog
    [In June 1985, Branca and Jackson learned that Holmes a Court had signed a tentative $50-
    million deal with Charles Koppelman and Marty Bandier’️s Entertainment Co. Talks
    then resumed between the Jackson and Holmes a Court negotiating teams. Jackson raised his
    bid to $47.5 million. Holmes a Court accepted Jackson’️s bid over the higher $50 million
    from Koppleman/Bandier presumably because Jackson’️s was more liquid and could be
    consummated quicker. Jackson also reportedly threw in a charity concert in Perth, Australia.
    An announcement was made in mid-August 1985 that Michael Jackson had acquired the ATV
    music publishing catalog with the Beatles songs. Michael Jackson was a happy camper.]
    If you believe Randy in that Magic & Madness book then there was more to it than what that
    article states. Bandier had actually beaten Michael and was getting the catalogue - his bid had
    been accepted...till Branca supposedly skuppered it by getting Bandier's financiers to pull out.
    Hence Michael, able to come up with the money quicker, got the catalogue after all.
    Now years later up pops Bandier again... as Sony's CEO! If Bandier didn't and still doesn't
    harbour an almighty bitter resentment about what happened back then, then the man should be
    sainted because any ordinary person would never forget something like that. So, when I found
    out who exactly Bandier WAS, my immediate thought was that the feud with Sony was far from
    over; it was probably only really about to start.
    in response to originally posted by wendy2004
    "What I find interesting about this is he's saying their checkbook is always open regardless, YET
    they passed on the Rodgers and Hammerstein catalog that went up for sale. If I'm not mistaken,
    Michael was interested in it and Sony/ATV was in the running for it. Turns out, I recently found
    out, the winning company or whatever who ended up with the R&H catalog had JOHN
    BRANCA as their negotiator.SO, in essence, he was bidding against Sony/ATV (Michael). And
    the cat sold for $200 million. Makes me wonder now did Bandier really bid vigorously FOR it at
    all if money was no object...or did John bid vigorously for it to make sure Sony/ATV (Michael)
    didn't get it? It's just weird how out of ALL the ppl who could have negotiated that catalog it
    turned out to be John, the man who got ATV for Michael. One of those funny coincidences?
    Not only do I believe JOHN BRANCA was EXTORTING MONEY FROM Michael on this deal
    you are talking about, there is a blog somewhere on the internet Ive read (so much overload); but
    anyway that JOHN BRANCA and PAUL McCARTNEY where working TOGHETHER to BUY
    the BEATLES CATALOG out of HOCK. Paul already knew to not BID because JOHN and
    CATALOG and MICHAEL wouldnt give it back as soon or as easy as they had planned, Im
    CONVINCED now John Branca has been EXTORTING and EMBLEZZLING Michael
    Jackson's MONEY for DECADES and this is why Michael FIRED BRANCA and NEVER
    HIRED HIM BACK so they had to say that he hired BRANCA back the week before he was
    found DEAD, this was one of the first things Katherine Jackson QUESTIONED in their first
    COurt Appearance after Michael's Death, John Branca is THE FIXER in the Murder Plot. Its
    been John Branca getting Michael in DEBT Trouble as Dick Gregory said "All these Debts are
    Crazy Lies".
    in response to
    [At issue are two sets of assets. One is Jackson's master recordings, which Sony is supposed to
    turn over to him in seven years, but which he wants in three. (Owning those will mean he no
    longer has to split royalties with Sony.) The other is Sony/ATV, the music publishing company
    that Jackson co-owns with Sony, which holds the copyrights to several hundred thousand
    songs, including the catalogs of the Beatles and such Sony artists as Bob Dylan. (Last week,
    Sony/ATV bought Nashville publisher Acuff-Rose, which holds the rights to 55,000 country
    songs.) Both Jackson and Sony want to buy out each other's stake in the publishing venture,
    the Times says.
    The Times quotes two people close to Jackson as saying he plans to sue Sony. ''If you look
    ahead to what can happen, it's in the courtroom,'' one of them told the Times. ''Then it gets
    interesting.'',,319537,00.html ]
    seven years?!! SEVEN YEARS?!
    People, that article was written in 2002. at the end of this year, Michael would have gained full
    control to his own catalogue, and possibly would have enough money to buy the rest of the
    Beatles catalogue. It's sickening.
    Thats right see how easy things fall into place when you really have the right information.
    Michael would have been totally free probably July 1, 2009, Sharpton, Mottola and their
    Lawyers know the date of the contract Johnnie Cochran and Michael Jackson are dead, I bet it
    was before December 31, 2009, or better yet Michael probably signed it July 7, 2002 or
    whenever that FAKE WILL was supposed to have been signed instead they had Michael's
    funeral on his FREEDOM DATE from SONY - The DEVIL.
    Check this out, not only did Michael Jackson while still under CONTRACT to SONY end up
    dead but all his Assests go to Sony and guess what with the FAKE SELF APPOINTED
    EXECUTOR who has always been in bed with SONY over MICHAEL ESTATE this is an all
    out PARTY for these Music Industry Moguls, they couldnt deal with Michael he wouldnt give
    them nothing so KILL him and take everything. Michael Jackson NEVER had a WILL he PUT
    everything in A TRUST and left his Mother Katherine Jackson as Trustee and his Children as
    Benficiries, Ive done the research there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in a WILL and in a TRUST.
    There have DisInherited The Jackson Family and his Children and now everything is based on a
    TRUST that NO ONE knows what in it but John Branca and whatever he throws in it. How
    Originally Posted by LisaB
    What is it preventing MJ's estate from gaining full control of the catalogue at the end of the
    year still?
    Edit: i realized that in 7 yrs MJ would get full control of HIS OWN master recordings, not the
    catalogue. So nothing, conceivably, can stop MJ's estate from getting his masters at the end of
    7 yrs.
    Im sure in the all mighty Mottola Contract that according to Dick Gregory the Contract states in
    "DEATH" everything comes back to SONY. Please listen to Dick Gregory talk about how they
    got Michael to sign this contract in Part 1 and in Part 3 he talks about how AEG never was going
    to have any Concerts in London it was all a setup.
    Its time for people to wake and realize all killers aint in the hood and wear hoods, some wear
    white button shirts and $5000 dollar suits everyday, let me tell you how far I believe this goes
    back and most people overlooked it but some caught it, when Michael was in the heat of his fight
    with Tommy Mottola and Sony to get away from them he had I believe correct me until 2010
    and he would be a Free Agent and OWN ALL his CATALOGS free and Clear, tell me how did
    his Defending Attorney Johnnie Cochran end up dead with Brain Cancer while he was defending
    Michael and Michael ends up dead 4 years later himself while still under contract with SONY?
    Yes I dont believe Johnnie Cochran just died of Brain Cancer either...
    Now that we've established that Sony had a major motive to eliminate Michael
    Jackson, let find out more about AEG
    Although I haven't found anything concrete yet, Philip Anschutz fits the profile of all
    major Illuminati players: Clean public image behind inspiring Foundations but having made his
    money, dealings with oil, transportation, political affiliations and media.
    Just to get you started: Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG)
    Philip Anschutz
    , who the BBC described as having "a reputation as one of the hungriest of US corporate
    Much of the original acreage of the Iliff Ranch is now owned by Philip Anschutz(he is the
    majority owner of the Union Pacific Railroad and QWEST Communications) and it's now called
    EAGLES' NEST RANCH(about 325,000 acres) which has ties to one of the main assets of
    Queen Elizabeth,EAGLESTAR.
    But locals say the Eagles Nest ranch, which is shrouded in secrecy, is a far cry from the 'working
    cattle ranch' Prescott so desperately wanted to visit.
    Read more:
    Qwest has also been investigated for financial irregularities. In 2003, he agreed to pay $4.4
    million to settle allegations that he profited from falsely inflating the company's share price
    read more:
    To be continued...
    Illuminati had plenty of reasons to want Michael eliminated.
    Although all this AEG/Sony business stinks to high heaven, there's no doubt in my mind that
    nothing will ever be proven. It's up to us MJ fans to put together enough information to conteract
    any and all efforts to discredit and tarnish Michael Jackson, the man he really was. We must do
    this to preserve his Legacy for generations to come. He might be the last Messenger of Peace to
    give his life to expose the Truth.
    More info here on the tangled web they all weave.

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    Re: Michael Jackson & The Illuminati (NWO)

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