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    New Jackson Music for Release: Michael Jackson Unreleased Music


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    New Jackson Music for Release: Michael Jackson Unreleased Music

    Post  Admin on Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:24 pm

    If Tommy Motola owns something, it sucks.

    According to the president of Michael Jackson’s record label, the new Jackson music will be released but this process should not be rushed. Before the King of Pop died, he had quite a number of unreleased recordings which are currently being kept in their vault. But for sure, the new songs will be released, packaged, and then repackaged for the singer’s fans in the future years.

    The material which will be released consists of unused tracks which are from the singer’s studio sessions of his best albums. Aside from this, there is also some recently recorded songs which he has made with Senegalese R&B singer/producer Akon and the Black Eyed Peas frontman, Will.I.Am.

    Tommy Mottola, Sony Music’s CEO and chairman from 1998-2003, currently owns distribution rights to the songs of Michael Jackson. He has mentioned that there are dozens upon dozens of songs which did were not included on the singer’s albums. According to Mottola, the release of Jackson’s songs can even go on for several years and can even exceed Elvis Presley’s.

    On the first week of the singer’s death, his three best records namely “Essentially Michael Jackson,” “Number Ones,” and “Thriller” became the best selling albums during the week. And in the United States, over 2.3 million tracks of the songs from these albums were downloaded. This, however, is normal for a music star with Michael Jackson’s nature. There are even some label companies which keep going through their archive files just so they can find something they can release. Even up to this date, new record compilations done by Tupac, Jeff Buckley, and Elvis are still being released.

    Since Mottola has proclaimed himself as the keeper of the singer’s songs is most familiar with all of the new Jackson music songs. In fact, he has still kept several tracks which never made it into the albums of his classic albums such as the 1972’s album “Off the Wall” and the 1982 hit “Thriller.”

    Last year though, Michael Jackson was able to release the album “Thriller 25” which marks the 25th anniversary of the original album. The new album has included his new song entitled “For All Time,” along with five other remixes which has involved Kanye West, Fergie, Akon and Will.I.Am.

    Will.I.Am and Michael Jackson, though, were able to record several songs as a duo. But their demos were in the possession of the King of Pop. R&B singer Akon was unlucky though. He had hoped to finish an album with the late singer after he completed his concerts in London. Aside from the song “Hold My Hand” that was able to leak into the public last year, Akon is not part of any new Jackson music that will be released over the years.

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