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    Finally it is a MURDER


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    Finally it is a MURDER

    Post  Admin on Tue Dec 08, 2009 11:52 pm

    Well, I was talking about possible MURDER on MJJC board since the beginning of July when I got registered there.
    We were talking about it for MANY months in Investigative Unit as well. You do not have to be a professional or to work in LAPD to be able to see that MJ death looks more like a murder not an accident. There are so many evidences indicating that it was probably a murder: missing security tapes, no phone in the house, cutting off the family two weeks before he died, late 911 call, broken ribs from CPR like they say (but maybe not from CPR who knows), MJ was losing weight etc. Probably he was afraid to eat because he was thinking that they will poison him or whatever. It happened before with Michael when he was afraid to eat and got dehydrated. But that time somebody brought him to the Hospital which was sort of luck for him.
    On the top of that they made TII movie. The tape which had to be used just to correct mistakes for the future performance appeared to be with a great quality which didn’t happen before and some fans me included find it strange too.
    Michael himself in a few interviews was talking about the conspiracy against him.
    I wonder why some fans after knowing all of it still chose not to think about even small possibility of MJ being killed. Now seeing this document some ppl get shocked.OMG! I think it is better to face the reality from the beginning instead getting shocked 5 months later.
    No matter what I hope we will see a justice for Michael. God bless this pure soul.

    Please, see page 2 of this document:

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    Re: Finally it is a MURDER

    Post  lotusflower on Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:06 am

    Very interesting, I wonder why this hasn't officially been said and only homicide has been discussed in the media.

    Still this is good as it looks like MJ murder that was meant to look like drug overdose has not worked.

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    Re: Finally it is a MURDER

    Post  afrika on Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:09 pm

    Thanks for you post, Admin. I’m sure they are going to charge Murray, but what about the real killers?

    Most of the fans in MJJC are fake and misleading people. They hate The Jackson family and now they accusing them for killing MJ... and Gaz is doing nothing to those fake fans accusing mj’s family. Latoya was right, her brother Michael was killed. And Murray did not act alone.

    I’m tired of "exclusive moonwalker" and his self righteous crap. That guy acts he’s better than anyone and hates the Jackson Family. you see, i don't post much in mjjc threads cuz it's useless and wast of time.

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    Re: Finally it is a MURDER

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