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    Brain baggage


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    Brain baggage

    Post  Moonlight on Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:08 am

    There are several theories that have been thrown around, that have overloaded my brain, maybe that's part of the plan?

    Anyway, I'm dumping all the theories I've seen postulated here and there and mused over myself, in an effort to clear my head, I thought it might be easier to see if any of it makes any sense then too, does it?

    'Accidental' overdose by Murray?
    ~ seems very unlikely given all the preamble and subsequent contradicting statements being given by those who knew and were around Michael over the past year and particularly around the time of his death, there are just too many suspicious circumstances allowing me to settle upon that, not to mention financial and personal motives.

    Genuine attempt to get MJ back on track, feared he wasn't up to it & they weren't ready, so bumped him off quick before it all fell apart publicly and they all ended up screwed financially?

    Planned from the outset, either because:

    MJ was ill and it was a plan to get him out of debt and ressurrect his career before it was too late, either known or unbeknown to him. Could he either have died, be dying, or have disappeared to live the rest of his life in peace, with his children's future financially secure?


    Sony/Lawyers/Hollywood, despite all previous efforts to break him and get back the rest of the catalogue, feared he was about to make a career resurrection and attain financial stability sufficient to repay his debts, putting the prospects of getting the rest of the catalogue further out of their reach?
    With The Beatles remasters shortly due for release, Mijac renewal, masters returning, MJ contract freedom from Sony all possibly on the horizon, was there time to engineer another personal/career/financial downfall to secure the catalogues?
    More profitable to have a dead artist career ressurrection in any case?


    MJ caught in a Jewish-Islamic tug of love & war?
    Longstanding mixture of people trying to both help and swindle each other, results in bitter feuding amongst various parties, may have led to, Sony/Lawyers/Hollywood (Predominantly Jewish) fear control of MJ's share of the catalogue being taken over by Saudi's (Islam/&/or/NOI) planned take over, so Sony moved their players back in, to seize what they feel is rightfully theirs, from the grasp of the Saudi/NOI/Black-Africans, who also feel it is rightfully theirs? Both sides also having recent financial problems themselves?
    ~ Do members from both sides of this possible divide have enough dirt on each other and/or, enough power, to buy or ensure each others' silence in a conspiracy? so that even if some people were on opposing sides initially, they are cooperating for their own sake/common good now?
    Or, could some members from either side have been working together to encircle him, set him up and then close it down together/cooperatively, planned from the outset to prevent a ressurrection of his career and so money & influencial power?

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