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    Michael and Lisa Marie


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    Michael and Lisa Marie

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    An interesting reading...

    Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley first met in Las Vegas in 1965. Michael was seventeen years old and was performing with the Jackson Five at the time and Lisa, who was seven years old, would regularly go and watch the show with a number of bodyguards.

    Despite not having stayed in touch after the tour ended, the two were reintroduced in 1994 by Brett Livingston-Stone, a mutual friend.

    Michael and Lisa began spending more and more time together and would talk regularly on the phone. They spent the weekend at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, said to be the weekend they first slept together. Trump reported he saw them on several occasions holding hands at the beach, or hugging and kissing around the estate. "It was romantic," Donald Trump recalled. "Later I got to ask him how things were going and he said, 'Great. I just got to kiss the most beautiful girl in the world. I hope I'm worthy of her. I think I might marry her.'"

    After dating for four months, Michael proposed to Lisa Marie and they married in the Dominican Republic on May 26, 1994. The ceremony lasted 15 minutes and was conducted in Spanish by Judge Hugo Francisco Alvarez Perez. An interpretor was present to translate for the couple, and the witnesses present were Thomas Keough and L. Darling. The exact location of the ceremony has never been confirmed - Judge Perez originally stated that he performed the ceremony at his own home in La Vega, yet the majority of reports seem to name the Casa de Campo resort in La Romana as the location. The honeymoon took place at Mar-a-Lago.

    The marriage was kept secret for 11 weeks, with spokespeople from both camps denying the media reports and insisting the rumours were untrue. While staying at Trump Towers in New York, Lisa Marie released an official statement, confirming the marriage had taken place. This caused a media frenzy, with hundreds of reporters gathering outside Trump Towers almost instantly.

    In September 1994, four months after their marriage, they appeared holding hands and smiling onstage at MTV's 1994 Video Music Awards, where they shocked the crowds by kissing on stage.

    According to Lisa, she used to say to Michael, "people wouldn't think I was so crazy [for marrying you] if they saw who the hell you really are. That you sit around and you drink and you curse and you're fucking funny, and you have a bad mouth and you don't have that high voice all the time."

    In 1995, Michael and Lisa appeared on Prime Time Live, where they were interviewed by Diane Sawyer.

    Shortly after the interview, they shot a video together for Michael's single 'You Are Not Alone'. The world premiere took place on July 28, 1995 on U.S. channels ABC, BET and MTV. The sequences featuring Michael and Lisa Marie posing in front of a Grecian backdrop are based on Maxfield Parrish's 1922 painting 'Daybreak', which both Michael and Lisa were said to be fans of. According to director Wayne Isham, the very last scene featuring the couple was filmed without their knowledge.

    On January 18, 1996, Lisa filed for divorce citing 'irreconcilable differences', asking the Los Angeles Superior Court only to order that her maiden name be restored and that Michael cover the legal costs of the divorce.

    On Feb 7th, 1997 the two made headlines when they met for dinner at the Ivy restaurant and were pictured holding hands, laughing and kissing on the street outside. "As Michael and Lisa Marie held hands, hugged and kissed for the camera, they also made small talk with the shutterbug and when discussing The Enquirer, Lisa Marie declared, 'oh, that's our favourite magazine.' Michael then said, 'I want to tell them something. We've got a secret.' He and Lisa Marie looked at each other and giggled. Michael didn't reveal any more information, before getting in a black Suburban and leaving with Lisa Marie and a bodyguard."

    In July 1997, while Michael was married to Debbie Rowe, Lisa attended several of Michael's European HIStory concert dates. She was spotted entering his hotel in London as well as going shopping with him hand in hand. Lisa's rep, Paul Bloch, told USA Today that Lisa went to London at Michael's request, "who she's very good friends with." Also that year, Lisa accompanied Michael and his mother to South Africa where she was pictured attending an African dance ceremony with him, sitting in between Michael and his mother.

    Also in 1997, Lisa accompanied Janet Jackson to her Velvet Rope album launch party. It soon transpired that Lisa was featured on the album, on the spoken interlude 'Speaker Phone', shocking many of her fans as she and her one-time sister in law talked about masturbation.

    On June 29th, 1999, Lisa attended Michael's father Joseph Jackson's 70th birthday party at Michael's Neverland ranch.

    In December 1999 in an interview with TV Guide, Michael revealed that he and Lisa were still friends: "Lisa's sweet. I like her very much, and we are friends. And who knows what tomorrow brings? I have no idea how she feels today. I'll just say that."

    In 2003, after Michael's infamous documentary with Martin Bashir, Lisa called Neverland. Michael invited her to the ranch, and she agreed to go and see him. Unfortunately, it would seem that Michael completely forgot, as when Lisa arrived at the ranch she was told he had left.

    Coincidentally, around this time Lisa was releasing her debut album 'To Whom It May Concern'. After not speaking about Michael in years, she suddenly began discussing her marriage to him in a string of interviews, in which she openly berated him and questioned the sincerity of his feelings for her. In response, Michael issued a statement through his rep, stating "Michael wishes Lisa Marie all the best in the world. However, as to a comment on anything to do with their marriage, he prefers not to respond."

    And that, dear friends, brings us current. It is my fervent prayer that I will soon have more to add to this page - but that, like so much else in this crazy old world, "is in the hands of the heavens".

    Damn you both.

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